"TheHAU5™ is not your average production company. Know that working with them will ease your fears. Your vision will happen seamlessly. They left everyone from my team saying 'WOW' that day."

Elaine Small


"TheHAU5™ is like home, not just for me but my brand. From my website, photoshoots, and events, they're a one stop shop. They really are a community of amazingly talented people from around the world."

Olivia Anthony


"You think you have an idea of what you want until you work with TheHAU5™ they will elevate your quality and challenge your imagination. 'Think completely out of the box.'"

Hellen Yuan

Founder of HELLEN NYC

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We are an eclectic group of professional artists

We view advertising as the most readily consumable art form which has a notable impact on those who consume it.  As a collective of professional artists we take great pride and responsibility in producing commercial work designed for human consumption.

Given that we spend most of our waking moments working, we're committed to delivering projects that move our society forward. We understand that real business results are can only be produced by taking the quantity and quality of actions. We can be the quality to your quantity in order to achieve the desired outcome. It’s not just about expanding your foot print but rather deepening the relationship between you and your consumer; uncovering, celebrating, and broadcasting the truths that you both share in life. This is where the true value exchange occurs between people and brands. Our storytellers can help you paint a picture of the future worth subscribing to.

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Would you like to join our team?

We are a collection of multidisciplinary artists and entrepreneurs who are out to make a difference with the work that we do. We are committed to craftsmanship and quality. If you are a semi-pro or professional creative, who would like to collaborate with us to produce work that drives change, reach out below and tell us why you'd be a good fit for our crew!