"TheHAU5™ is not your average production company. Know that working with them will ease your fears. Your vision will happen seamlessly. They left everyone from my team saying 'WOW' that day."

Elaine Small


"TheHAU5™ is like home, not just for me but my brand. From my website, photoshoots, and events, they're a one stop shop. They really are a community of amazingly talented people from around the world."

Olivia Anthony


"You think you have an idea of what you want until you work with TheHAU5™ they will elevate your quality and challenge your imagination. 'Think completely out of the box.'"

Hellen Yuan

Founder of HELLEN NYC

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TheHAU5 is the hub for collaboration - we build brands from the bottom up

With so much visual pollution in the market place, it can seem impossible to make meaningful connections with consumers today.

Winning brands use their platform to express human truth - this ignites a deeper desire within their consumer. But to do that, they must first learn how to effectively collaborate with culture because shared truth can only be found along cultural lines. Here at TheHAU5, we use our own brand as a means of exploration in order to deliver you cultural and production expertise rooted in experience. We guide and empower brands to achieve new levels of growth through authentic communications. When paired with a standard media plan, there's a reason why our creative work consistently performs above benchmark. Quality products have a longer shelf life. The same is true when it comes to your comms portfolio.

Creative Strategy

In times like these, it’s hard to understand where your brand can participate in culture. What stories should you tell and which should you distance from? How can your brand activate in a way that makes a real difference while producing scalable business results? Our approach to creative strategy not only considers new and emerging content platforms and  consumption behaviors but also emerging cultural and subcultural norms, trends, and ideologies to more effectively reach your consumer. We can be your partner in planning, guiding you and your business from the fringes to the mainstream. 

Capabilities: Qualitative InsightsBrand Strategy, Content Strategy 

Content Production

We hear that content is king, but we know that quality creates loyal customers. We are trained in creating stories that acknowledge and celebrate culture rather than trivialize, exploit, or appropriate it. This allows our clients to move more freely and connect with new audiences in a real way. With expertise in photo, video, and sound, we can breathe new life into your product or service. We can help you tell stories that help future-proof your business.

Capabilities: Photo (eCom, Editorial, Journalism)Video (Short Form, Long Form, 3D / Motiongraphics), Audio (Voice, Soundtrack, Performance)Design (Website, Digital, Print)

Experience Design 

"Experience" is a potent form of cultural currency, but which ones will win in a post-pandemic world? Here at TheHAU5 we believe in stretching the bounds of technology to create new ways for people to engage in the world around them. When brands use their platforms (and their dollars) to create accessibility and connection they gain access to a space in their consumer's hearts. We are uniquely positioned to produce and execute one of a kind brand activations that translate. 

Capabilities: UX / UIConcert Design, Live Stream Programming