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  • TV Commercial

TV Commercial


When utilized with best practices, television advertising can provide the supercharge that your business needs to get more customers. A new study has found that, for smaller businesses looking to generate a rapid uptake in sales volume, TV is the most effective advertising medium. We can help you make the most of your investement. Giving you a product that not only meets modern-day quality standards but is memorable, unique and socially responsible.

    • This creative production package includes the folloing deliverables:

      • Concept
      • Storyboard
      • Script Writing
      • Talent Sourcing
      • Location Scouting
      • Original Content Production
      • Post Production
      • (1) 60s Cut
      • (1) 30s Cut
      • (1) 15s Cut
      • (1) 6s Cut
      • Caption Writing
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