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Sound Design


Even if a listener has an avid interest in your topic or visuals, you will likely turn them off if they have to struggle with poor sound. Conversely, people tend to listen or watch longer and more often if you provide them with excellent audio quality. Quality sound will tell your audience that you have their ease of listening in mind and will encourage them to tune in to your next show or project. High-quality sound design should not distract your listeners from your content. It should welcome them in, be easy on the ear, and enable them to enjoy listening, learning, or being entertained.

    • Once your order has been received, we will schedule a Google Meets call to discuss your project in detail. If it requires a larger scope than this package covers, we will provide an adjusted invoice at that time. Then, we will begin work which includes onboarding your dediscated editor. We’re hoppy to collaborate on your provided playform or via Dropbox - where you’ll be able to review, provide feedback, and download your final assets.

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