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  • Pitch Deck - 15pgs

Pitch Deck - 15pgs


If you want someone to commit their cash towards what you’re building, offering, or providing they’ll need a pretty good reason. A pitch deck is a visually compelling and succinct presentation that outlines the story of your business at a high level – explaining why it’s worth buying into. If the pitch deck does its job, it might open the door to another meeting, another conversation and, eventually, an investment of capital into your business. While pitch decks vary in size, the average length is 12 to 14 slides (and never longer than 20), with each slide presenting one clear idea.

    • This creative production package includes the folloing deliverables:

      • Copywriting Support
      • Stock Imagery
      • Custom InfoGraphics
      • (15pg) Powerpoint Presentation
      • Shareable PDF
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