Creative Director @TheHAU5

Former Clients: Billie Ellish, Carrie Underwood, National Football League, iHeart Radio, Marvel Universe Live, David Zwirner Gallery, Cirque du Soliel, LaGuardia Airport

From designing the last clown car for the Barnum and Bailey Circus to helping conceive Billie Eilish's inaugural Coachella performance, Benny's creativity has touched the hearts of millions, young and old. As creative director at theHAU5, he sees entertainment as an engine for cultural change and his work as an internationally recognized art influencer uniquely allows him to connect the worlds of art and entertainment. Combined with a background in theatre and architecture, he creates experiences that are inventive, culturally driven, and emotionally profound. With a decade's worth of experience in production design and recently expanding into creative direction, his client list includes Lil' Wayne, iHeartradio, Marvel Universe Live, Carrie Underwood, David Zwirner, and multiple national scale ceremonies.