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Pilgrims' JustBARE Chicken x TheHAU5™

With the food industry going through a major reform due to societal tastes for nourishment and transparency. Pilgrims chicken, the second largest poultry distributors in the world, have developed and release a their new premium chicken brand JustBARE Chicken. The problem is that Pilgrims arrived quite late to the game, and would be competing in the cluttered market of foods claiming to be organic and all natural. With a consumer who have been desensitized to the promises of "premium" food products, how could JustBARE build awareness and consideration to drive sales in new and current markets. With a creative budget of $75,000, it was our task to execute the art direction of their "Who Makes Your Food" launch campaign.

Editorial Photography   

Collection of 50 Stylized Journalistic Images

Facebook Carousel Ad

5 Farmer Centric Graphics

Digital Display Ads     

5 Unique Variants (5 sizes each)


JustBARE's "Who Makes Your Food?" campaign was developed around the consumer truth that people care about where their food comes from which complements the products unique tracking code on each pack of chicken. Yet in the cluttered marketplace, we understood that to win, we would need to develop evocative and stylized material to attract consumer attention and gain preference. Think of the key art of your favorite TV and Web shows. They all are designed to paint a hyper-realistic picture of the world they are inviting you into. This is what we were out to create for JustBARE chicken, a world where you know exactly who makes your food.

This social tourism campaign included: Editorial Photography, Digital Display Ads, Carousel Ads, Billboards, Cinema-graphs, and Campaign Microsite

Product Cinema-graphs  

4 Looping GIFs

With the food industry going through a major reform due to society's increasing taste for nourishment and transparency, it was our task to develop and execute the art direction of their "Who Makes Your Food?" launch campaign within a budget of $50,000