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Over the past 2 years, TheHAU5 team has worked to develop this content series to where it is today. As experts in culture and marketing, we saw an opportunity to create a unique brand experience that delivers the intimacy of a live performance with the scalability provided by paid media all while creating a structure that supports the communities it exists within. If you're interested in sponsoring or buying this project for your own brand or business please reach out to alexander.thehau5@gmail.com

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Elevating the LIVE stream experience

The LIVE at TheHAU5™ web series was designed to provide emerging music artists the opportunity to showcase their craft in an intimate yet high-end production environment. In this season of LIVE at TheHAU5™ we will be showcasing an amazing lineup of artists who usher in a new generation of music. We have also introduced an immersive light and sound system that helps to create an unparalleled LIVE stream music experience, where the members of our community can tune in from anywhere around the world.

On June 22nd, 2020, @iamjisaak performs a powerful rendition of his original song "Colin Kaepernick" LIVE at TheHAU5. This performance was brought to you as a part of the Campaign for Equality, a tribute concert in protest of police brutality. Black Lives Matter


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Do you have a song in your heart that needs to get out there? We would love to hear it! For selected artists, participating in these sessions is free of cost and you will walk away with a full content package that including portraits, an interview, and edits of your live performance. If you're interested in being considered for this opportunity, please submit an application below