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We Create Art, Not Ads

We believe advertising is the most readily consumable art form. Why? Essentially, art is a conversation. Our aim is to create art that speaks to our 5 key pillars: authenticity, creativity, integrity, action and sharing. Our approach takes into consideration not only new and emerging platforms and consumption behaviors but also cultural and subcultural trends and ideologies to more effectively deliver your message.

"TheHAU5™ is not your average production company. Know that working with them will ease your fears. Your vision will happen seamlessly. They left everyone from my team saying 'WOW' that day."

Elaine Small


"TheHAU5™ is like home, not just for me but my brand. From my website, photoshoots, and events, they're a one stop shop. They really are a community of amazingly talented people from around the world."

Olivia Anthony


"You think you have an idea of what you want until you work with TheHAU5™ they will elevate your quality and challenge your imagination. 'Think completely out of the box.'"

Hellen Yuan

Founder of HELLEN NYC

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High-end content crafted for human consumption

TheHAU5 is a creative studio that specializes in human-centric storytelling. We are an eclectic group of creative professionals based in Brooklyn, New York who produce commercial projects and products that challenge the mind, nourish the soul, and stimulate business growth. From brand design to multichannel content campaigns, we deliver premium content solutions that drive quality engagement.

With U.S. borders closed to its neighboring countries amidst COVID-19, fiancés and HAU5mates Benny Or and Cristian Shoemaker get married! Watch as TheHAU5 community comes together to celebrate their union by producing a one-of-a-kind live streamed wedding.